Widmer Year Wheel 
Will the year wheel on your Widmer time - date stamp machine expire in 2020?

You do not have to replace your macine. 
 You can just replace the year wheel on Models T-3, D-3, D-R-3 and 776-D
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The Year Wheels on ALL Widmer Stamps, including Date and Time Stamps, Numbering Stamps. etc. can be replaced. They are manufactured to print in 10 year increments. To make sure the correct wheel is sent to you, we need the serial number and model name of the machine the wheel is being installed in. You can have a replacement year wheel sent to you for you to install yourself.  It is relatively easy to do. Technical support via telephone is available. If you prefer, you can ship your machine the Widmer factory and let them install a replacement year wheel for you. If you intend to ship it, be sure to contact us for instructions first.     CONTACT US

  Replacement year wheel only  Item #A208L  ABC Cash Price $58.50 

Replacement year wheel with factory installation    ABC Cash Price $149.00