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fd1202 The FD 1202 AutoSeal provides a user-friendly solution for processing of one-piece pressure-sensitive mailers. Combined with a laser printer and pressure seal forms, the FD 1202 creates secure, mail-ready pieces in minutes, without the need for envelopes. The clearly marked fold plates, simple ergonomic controls and drop-in feed system provide easy set-up and operation, right out of the box. These features, plus a compact desktop design, make the FD 1202 ideal for any office environment with low-volume applications. A processing speed of up to 38 forms per minute and the added capability of processing 14” forms enable operators to complete daily processing jobs with ease.  See Specifications        Request Price  

 FD 1402 AutoSeal Low Volume -Pressure Sealer   Request Price      Brochure

  - Drop-In Top Feed System:  no paper fanning required.

  - Hopper Capacity: Up to 160 forms (20lb paper)         Optional on site install (1 visit)    Request Price 

  - Fixed Speed: Up to 73 forms per minute          Optional Upper & Lower Fold Plates    Request Price 

  - Duty Cycle: Up to 10,000 forms per month

  - Drop shipped with 90 days factory depot warranty.

FD 1502 Low Volume Table Top - Pressure Sealer 
  Request Price       Brochure
- Drop-In Feed System- Hopper capacity: Up to 100 sheets      Drop shipped with 90 days factory depot warranty
- Fixed Speed: Up to 100 sheets per minute                                
- Duty Cycle: Up to 4,000 per week                                        Optional on site install (1 visit)  Request Price 
OPTIONAL:  Reverse Sequence Staking 18" Conveyor                                  Request Price   
                       Upper & Lower Fold Plates                                                      Request Price       
 FD 1502 Plus with integrated conveyor                   Request Price                  Brochure     
 Optional Upper & Lower Fold Plates                                                              Request Price   

 FD 2002 Mid Volume Table Top - Pressure  Sealer    Request Price   Brochure
- Sliding fold plate design
- Processes up; to 14" forms                                                         Free Shipping
- Processes forms at a rate of up to 8,000 sheets per hour 
- Touch-pad control panel
- Six-digit counter, jog control, fault detection and LED indicators
 Optional Upper & Lower Fold Plates       Request Price      
 P2002 Package with conveyor and cabinet       Request Price         
                              P2002IL In-Line System Package  with 18" Conveyor and 2 Cabinets Request Price                        

 FD 2032 High Volume Table Top - Pressure Sealer    Request Price   Brochure
 P2032 Package with conveyor and cabinet    Request Price         
- Will do uneven "Z" and "C" folds
- Processes forms at a rate of up to 11,000 sheets per hour                                     Free Shipping
- Hopper Capacity: 225 Sheets
- Duty cycle of up to 75,000 forms per month
- Optional Upper & Lower Fold Plates                                                 Request Price 


FD2054 High Volume Desktop w/ Integrated Conveyor -Automatic Setting -Pressure Sealer
FD 2054 Package with V-Stack 36 conveyor & 2 cabinets    Request Price      
-Automatic fold settings

-17" form capability                                                                                        Brochure

-Integrated conveyor

-Variable Speed Control
- Hopper capacity: 350 sheets                                                                         Free Shipping
- Up to 16,450 sheets per hour                                                                       
- Duty cycle of up to 125,000 forms per month

   fd2096   FD 2096 Mid- Volume Production Presure Sealer   Request Price     Brochure


  • Bottom-suction air-feed                                        20% deposit required with this custom order
  • Speed: Up to 30,000/hr
  • Rugged fold plates                                                                               Free Shipping
  • Sound-dampening covers
  • 24" output conveyor

AutoSeal® FD 2300 - High Volume

      Pressure Sealer   
  • Five in-feed options
  • Speed: Up to 43,000/hr
  • Color touchscreen control
  • Program up to 200 jobs
  • Unlimited duty cycle
  • Automatic fold settings
  • Shown with Formax FD676 Burster

Customer is responsible for installation and maiintenance.  Requires equipment compatibily sign-off prior to pruchase.   

Request  Price    

Five Models available in this FD2300 Series  

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