FORMAX FD 550 Burster

Do you need to handle forms five days each week, and up to five hours of each day? If so, the FD 550 Burster - Tractor Feed with Slitters & Cabinet is a good solution to your needs. Though it is described as a low volume burster, it delivers impressive results. It uses a tractor feed system, dual slitters capable of taking up to one inch from the form, a conveyor that distributes leftovers and waste into the based cabinet, and safety interlocks to keep the machine and operator secure. The FD 550 Burster will handle forms up to 200 feet per minute and can deal with a large range of sizes (from 2.375 to 16 inches wide by 2.375 to 14.5 inches in length). Even larger forms are capable of being handled when no slitting is required. With this machine, it is easier than ever to begin separating multiple part forms easily and quickly. The continuous processing of 100 pound weight forms processes for five hours at a time with the FD 550 Burster. This burster can also be equipped with different options to accommodate special needs. For instance, there can be a center slitter mounted into the unit, special cylinders can be added for 2-up printing, the use of a tri-colored ink roll is possible, static elimination equipment is available, and a power drop stacker option is also available too.

The unit is efficient "as is" and has a very workable size that can accommodate even the smallest spaces or offices. The foot print of this machine (including the collection cabinet) is 59 x 32, with a height of 56 inches. Because it is also on sturdy casters, it can be easily wheeled to any area where its services are required. The durable stacking tree and friction feeding ensure that no problems occur regardless of the location of the machine. At 193 pounds, it is definitely not light weight, but it can become a mobile solution for any location that needs continuous, low volume forms bursting. If your firm is constantly separating multiple part forms for clients, the FD 550 Burster is going to become a "go to" solution. It is well priced, remarkably well designed, safe, and capable of handling a diversity of demands.

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  Standard Features:
  Tractor feed, slitters, safety interlock,  conveyor, cabinet

   Options Available:                    Cash Prices

   Center slitter                                  $   556 
   Cylinders for 2-up printing         $1,541   
   Tri-color ink roll                             $   186 
    Power drop stacker                    $4,450                                      Static eliminator                           $   830 


         Additional Information 

Manufacturer Name



Up to 200 feet/minute

Slitting Capability


Stand Included


Model #

FD 550


193 lbs.








115 Volts; other voltages available