FORMAX  FD 430 Envelope Sealer 
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      Main Features:
  • Speed: Up to 18,000 envelopes per hour
  • Infeed Capacity: Up to 4.5" stack height
  • Outfeed Capacity: Up to 4.5" stack height
  • Package Thickness: Up to 16mm

This Formax FD 430 Envelope Sealer closes and seals envelopes in just a single pass. Simply place a stack of envelopes in the infeed tray, choose a processing speed with the adjustable control knob and in seconds, envelopes are sealed and ready for the mail. The Formax FD 430 can seal envelopes up to 9.75" wide x 15" long, up to 16mm thick, at speeds up to 18,000 envelopes per hour.

 The FD 430's standard features include an adjustable envelope separator for accurate feeding, a large outfeed tray, heavy-duty metal construction and a precision moistening roller. The flap closing bar allows users to load envelopes in a standard stack or nested with flaps open for even greater efficiency. Say goodbye to hand-sealing envelopes with Formax FD 430 Envelope Sealer.
fd452       FORMAX  FD 452 Envelope Opener      
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      Main Featires:
  • Speed: Up to 300 pieces/min
  • Opens #10s to flats
  • No pre-sorting necessary
  • No scraps or sharp edges
  • Resettable LCD counter
Why waste time opening mail by hand? Maximize productivity with the Formax FD 452 Envelope Opener.
The FD 452 is quick to set up and simple to use. Load mail, press start and that's it! The innovative cutting mechanism slits one side of the envelope so the contents are left undamaged, with no messy paper scraps to clean up. Users can then safely extract envelope contents without the risk of sharp edges. Using the FD 452, you can open a variety of envelope sizes at once, from #10 to flats, without pre-sorting. A unique Push Arm provides constant pressure to feed envelopes quickly and accurately. With a speed of up to 300 envelopes per minute and a catch tray capacity of up to 80 #10 envelopes, your mail will be ready in no time. The resettable LCD counter easily tracks processed mail pieces.

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