FD 150 Programmable Cut Sheet Check/Document Signer

This FD 150 Check/Document signing machine will save time and increase productivity. No need to spend hours manually signing accounts payable or payroll checks or form letters when an electric signer can do it in minutes. Dual key locks and two counters, one resettable and one non-resettable, come standard for security and accuracy. Four programmable job settings make it easy to complete frequently-run jobs. Optional tri-color and ultraviolet ink rolls add extra security.


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Standard Features:                                                                                

  • Automatic Alignment: Assures accurate imprint locations.

  • Dual key/lock controls:Provides maximum access control.

  • Counters: Resettable and non-resettable counter for audit purposes.

  • Imprint designs: Signatures, endorsements, seals and logos.

  • Imprint location: Anywhere in the specified paper size requirements
  • Bottom feed: Assures proper sequencing of documents and continuous operation.


    • Hopper Capacity: Up to 200 sheets
    • Fixed Speed: Up to 300 pieces per minute
    • Paper Size: 2.75"-14"Wx3"-14L
    • Dimensions: 12"Lx19.5"Wx9.5"H
    • Weight: 40lbs
    • Features: Dual key locks, resettable and non resettable counter, four programmable job settings


    Options & Accessories:  Price includes FREE shipping     Free Shipping    
    Annual Maintenance Agreement after warranty Cash Price $569  
    FD 100-20 Black Ink Roll For Formax FD150 Cash Price $256  
    FD 100-30 Tri-Color Ink Roll For Formax FD150 Cash Price $292  
    FD 100-35 Vinyl Stamp (one) no saddle Cash Price $256
    FD 100-42 Vinyl Stamps (Two) with Saddles For Formax FD 150 Cash Price $465
    FD 100-45 Additional artwork (titles, logos, background, extra sigs. Cash Price $112  
    FD 100-70  Five Day rush on Vinyl stamps - For document signers Cash Price $169

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