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Widmer RS 
Engineered for Excellence   

          The Widmer RS High-Speed, Cut Sheet Signer, Endorser, Imprinter

adds new dimensions to the concept of productivity and versatility.


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Model  RS-B

Basic Rotary Stamp

  no dies included

Cash Price   $3,240



Other Model Configurations:              abc cash


Dimensions: 9"H x 24.5"W x 12"L
RS-S  Check signer with one signature    $3,312 Length with extension tray 20"
RS-O  Imprinter with up- to 4 lines of text $3,303 Shipping Dimensions 17"x 28.5"x15"
RS-B-C  Base machine with no dies. Counts $2,979 Weight: 55 lbs
RS-DBL  Manual set 7 digit number - no text $3,443 Shipping Weight 66 lbs
RS-DBLT  Base lock type date & 4 lines text        $3,520 Max Speed w/3.5" checks 12,000 @ hr
Optional tri-color 4111-5 ink roller (comes with black)     $129 Max Paper Size: 15.5" x 16"
Optional border or background for signature     $  28  
The Versatile RS will position your endorsement on the top of any check, or any place you want it, complying with all federal endorsement regulations.    It features unparalleled programmable accuracy, to within 1/32 of an inch.

The RS not only signs laser generated checks, but also imprints labels, fixed messages, and can sign, validate, date and count endless numbers of office forms, letters, warranties, purchase orders, and much more.  Virtually any size, and any location on the page.

The responsive RS rapidly digests volume runs in no time at all, increasing office efficiency & productivity in businesses, corporations, financial institutions, government & industries world wide.

Key Features
  • The reliable RS is designed with flexibility to automatically feed and print large volume runs or the smallest quantities of imprinting.
  • It features digital programming of document size for assured accuracy.
  • Operators can pre-program up to 9 different jobs
  • The RS remembers the last program used, even after stopping
  • User friendly display prompts guide you through each format
  • Adjustable guides let you position any imprint to within a 15 1/2x16" area
  • The RS can print from 180 to 200 imprints a minute on paper size from 2 7/8"x2 7/8" to 12  1/2"x14"
  • A Posi-Flow 175 capacity hopper bin with bottom feed, keeps documents running smoothly, and in order.
  • An adjustable stripper knob eliminates the feeding of more than one document at a time
  • A non-resettable audit counter records all RS imprinting, while a separate integrated batch control counter counts up, cumulates   & also counts down.
  • Print head can be turned off for "Count Only" function
  • Tamper-Proof double key security prevents unauthorized usage or removing of plates & drums
  • An unlimited number of drum plate selections meet your imprint requirements for signing, imprinting, validating, dating and other combinations.
  • Snap out quickly name plates are easily and quickly interchangeable.  These plates provide long-lasting performance and high-quality impressions.

To get the signature die for the model RS-S, customer must  submit signatures written in dark ink

on one piece of white paper three times approximately three inches apart.  Also, an original sample

of the checks or documents to be signed is needed for positioning.

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