Lathem FaceIN FR650 QuickBooks Gold Developer  
Ground-Breaking Contactless Facial Recognition System for Time & Attendance  
The FR650 is a robust time and attendance system using face recognition technology to instantly identify employees. It has a recognition rate of over 99.9% and provides a touchless, hygienic alternative to fingerprint readers, while still eliminating "buddy punching" and the need for cards and badges. Employees simply look at the clock and within seconds they are identified and clocked-in for work.

The FR650 uses a standard Ethernet connection to your existing computer network. The system includes powerful desktop software for editing, running reports, and exporting to most popular software, including QuickBooks. The kit provides standard support for 50 employees, but can be expanded to up to 500 employees per device.

If you are looking for the same great features of the FR650, plus access control and RFID proximity badge access, check out the Lathem FR700.          


PayClock Software Features   new

  • Calculates worked hours including two levels of overtime
  • Supports weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly and custom pay periods
  • Powerful graphical scheduling with coverage reporting
  • Maintains and tracks benefit time balances
  • Quick and easy time card editing
  • Automatic exception finder
  • Supports punched breaks or auto-deducted breaks
  • Labor distribution with department transfers and variable pay rates
  • Ability to attach daily notes to time cards
  • Provides dozens of time and labor reports
  • Export reports to Excel, PDF, or HTML
  • Export totals to popular payroll applications
  • Build custom ASCII export files
  • Options include employee expansion, and multi-user licenses

FR650 Terminal Features

  • Patented "incline design" to optimally capture the geography of a human face and ensure accurate measurement
  • A dual camera system performs a 3-D facial analysis
  • Versatile configuration: networked or standalone (using Flash drive data portability)
  • Flexible verification options: Face and/or PIN
  • One year manufacturer warranty

The FaceIN FR650 Kit comes with everything you need: FR650 Terminal, PayClock Software (requires Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003/2008, or XP), 6-foot Ethernet CAT-5 Cable, AC Power Adapter, Manual, and Wall Mounting Bracket and Hardware.

FaceIN FR650 Kit

30-day Support Policy from Lathem at no additional cost.

PLEASE NOTE: does not offer direct technical support. To save you money, all products are sold as self-install systems. If you feel you need extra technical help, we highly recommend you purchase a Lathem support agreement. All Lathem support technicians are factory-trained experts.   See Support Agreements

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Lathem FaceIN FR650 Face Recognition - Kit - 50 Employees

1 user, 500 employee terminal capacity, 50 employee software capacity
Additional Terminals:

Lathem FaceIN FR650 - Terminal Only       500 employee terminal capacity


Software Options:
LATH-PCW-M Lathem PayClock SW - Upgrade to Multi-User for up to 10 concurrent users $120.00
LATH-PCW-100EE Lathem PayClock SW - Additional 100 Employee (Unlock Code) $125.00
LATH-PCW-150EE Lathem PayClock SW - Additional 150 Employee (Unlock Code) $215.00
LATH-PCW-250EE Lathem PayClock SW - Additional 250 Employee (Unlock Code) $305.00
LATH-PCW-500EE Lathem PayClock SW - Additional 500 Employee (Unlock Code) $800.00
LATH-PCW-1000EE Lathem PayClock SW - Additional 1,00 Employee  (Unlock Code) $1,700.00
LATH-PCW-UP Lathem PayClock SW - Upgrade to Latest Version (FR700/FR650) $148.00

Lathem Telephone Support for FR650 (Hardware and Software)

Within 30 Days of Equipment Purchase - 1 Year Coverage

Lathem Telephone Support for FR650 (Hardware and Software)

Within 1 Year of Equipment Purchase - 1 Year Coverage

Lathem Telephone Support for FR650 (Hardware and Software)

After 1 Year of Equipment Purchase - 1 Year Coverage
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