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With Lathem automated systems, you can eliminate the extra time, tedious calculations and potential errors traditionally involved in manually tracking employee hours from "punch" to paycheck.

Our automated systems are comprehensive, state-of-the-art and affordable. With a variety of choices from touch screen PIN entry and proximity badge to biometric face recognition time clocks.

FR700 Face Recognition System         

FaceIN (Model FR700) is a complete time & attendance and access control system using contactless face recognition technology to instantly identify employees. It provides a touch-less, hygienic alternative to fingerprint readers, while still eliminating "buddy punching" and the need for cards and badges.   more details

FR650 Face Recognition System          new

New! Like the FaceIN FR700, the FR650 uses face recognition technology as a foolproof and touch-free time and attendance system. Offering many of the benefits of the FR700 but without a proximity badge reader or access control capability, the FR650 is a competively priced alternative to other biometric readers, while eliminating "buddy punching" and the need for cards and badges.   more details

PC600 Touch Screen System        new

A full color, touch screen proximity badge terminal and easy to use time and attendance software, the PC600 terminal uses Ethernet communications to connect to your local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN).  Employees enter PIN numbers or use proximity badges to punch in and out, transfer departments or enter tips and amounts.  Supervisors can add employees, edit punches and message them directly at the terminal for efficient workforce management.   more details


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