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In accordance with the manufacture's Minimum Advertised Price Policy, Here are the unadvertised cash prices for the following Formax products from Prices are for the USA only and include free shippingFREE SHIPPING except for the Cut-tue 29A, 29H, 31A and 31 H.  Call for shippiing quote.




Annual Service Agreement*



   FD430   Envelope Sealer  $4,599   $600    


Envelope Opener





Card / Photo Cutter




  FD125   Large Format Card Cutter $7,602   $1,000  $205


Cut-True Manual Cutter




Cut-True Manual Cutter




Cut-True Semi-Auto Cutter




Cut-True Semi-Auto Cutter





Cut-True Automatic Cutter




  29H   Cut-True Automatic  Cutter $10,745   $1,500 $294
  31A  Cut-True Automatic Cutter  (on-site  installation $500)   $14,995
  31H  CutTrueAutomaticCutter            (on-site installation $500)   $17,450


Booklet Maker




Booklet Maker




Single Bin Paper Jogger




Three Bin Paper Jogger




Two Bin Enveloe Jogger




High-Capacity Air Jogger




High-Capacity Tabletop Air Jogger



  FD150   Cut Sheet Check Signer $4,769   $559 


  Rotary Perforator   Creaser



FD215S   Semi-Automatic Creaser     $1,039    


   FD230   Semi-Automatic Creaser- Perforator $4,110            $545   
Atlas C100   Automatic Creaser $12,999       $1,500  
Atlas C200   Automatic Creaser $15,899      $1,800  
Atlas C300   Automatic Creaser/Folder $28,529      $2,100  

*SERVICE AGREEMENT  Effective after warranty        **LEASE Estimated monthly payment for 60 months FMV.   Ask for quote.

***CASH PRICES Prices on FORMAX products displayed on this page apply only to orders in the United States of America and are US Dollars.

Our "CASH DISCOUNT PRICES" reflect a discount of 3% for cash payment by company check, bank money order or wire transfer to our bank. The use of a credit card or payment by schools or government agencies on NET 30 terms do not qualify for this discount.  Therefore, all amounts paid via credit card or NET 30 terms do not receive the 3% cash discount and it must be added back to the invoice total. Operating on a cash basis is one way we keep or prices so low.  We send payment with our orders to our suppliers and we ask you do the same when ordering from us.  We will consider requests for credit only from government agencies and schools..  Transfer information will be furnished to you at the time we send our invoice.

SALES TAX Purchases are exempt from sales tax in all states except Indiana, unless you submit a Certificate of Tax Exemption with your order.

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